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Anavar 10 Detailed

Anavar 10 for Sale by Top Dragon Pharma Supplier - Dosege and Active Life - PandaRoids

Anavar 10 for saleAnavar 10 for sale made by Dragon Pharma with active substance Oxandrolone included 100 tablets 10 mg/tab in one paket. Anavar or Oxandrolone is a type of anabolic-androgenic steroid that should be consumed orally. People, who need to regain weight after a prolonged illness may consider Anavar according to the prescriptions of experts. Conditions like surgery, chronic infection, trauma, and more factors can be cured with Dragon Pharma Anavar 10mg.

Anavar Use

Anavar or Oxandrolone has been researched and prescribed for numerous reasons. It is a FDA-approved medication for osteoporosis, weight gain, healing against external trauma and muscle build up. It is a prominent medication for anemia, idiopathic short stature, hereditary angioedema, alcoholic hepatitis and hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a common factor among the bodybuilders with hardcore steroid abuse. Therefore, Anavar is commonly used during PCT as well. In the non-medical uses Anavar appear commonly as a prominent anabolic substance. It can also be taken by women as it has lesser androgenic effects. It is generally considered legal to find Anavar 10 for sale online from verified anabolic platforms.


Masculine structures of women may commonly appear with sensitivity to anabolic substances. The component has half-life period of 9.4 to 10.4 hours and mostly excreted through urine output (28%).


Numerous benefits are accredited to Anavar in regard to healing and performance development. The lists can be seen as the one below –

  • Nitrogen synthesis
  • Protein synthesis
  • Recovery benefits or healing
  • Enhanced muscle recovery after having torn muscles (ligaments)
  • Gaining weight
  • Benefits against anemia

For technical people, the compound is known to offer far more beneficial sides as such –

  • Up regulation of androgen receptors in skeletal muscles
  • Increasing IGF-1
  • Dietary energy increase

It is also a credible feature to counter threatening burn injuries.

Anavar 10 Dosage

A daily dose schedule of 60 to 80mgs of Anavar can see the most promising benefits. Based on detailed research it can be said that controlled increased dosages for a certain time frame and specific dietary parameters can benefit users.

Anavar cycle

General dose for Anavar would be ideal as 5 to 10mgs per day. Athletes can take the dosage as 15 to 25mgs per day for 6 to 8 weeks. Longer cycles should be checked and monitored to prevent any malicious side effects. Anavar by Dragon Pharma can be use for cutting - Advanced Steroid Cycle, with Trenbolone Acetate; Testosterone Propionate; Masteron and Anavar. Full Cutting Cycle.

Side effects

Anabolic side effects are common for Anavar. The basic side effects for consumption are as follows –

  • Masculinization for females
  • Hair loss
  • Body hair growth
  • High blood pressure
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Increased LDL level
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver issues (especially for those with hepatic history)

When buyers search Anavar 10 for sale online, counter measures such as DHT-blocking components can be consumed alongside to prevent the side effects. Relaxing muscles and controlling excess strain on the body can prevent kidney injury and exposure to potential kidney failure. The same can be considered for anti-hepatic metabolism, which would support the body against the extreme side effects of Anavar and similar steroids. However, none of these effects appear prominent unless the body is overdosed. Even saying that it should be mentioned that most of the overdose threats can be cured perfectly with timely consultation with the medical experts.

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Anavar 10 Reviews

Jan 20, 2022 (03:56)

Great product from Dragon Pharma. Works like it says. Definitely seen a gain in muscle. Unfortunately did get a lot acne with this product. By the way I'm satisfied with the product.

Jan 13, 2022 (00:00)

This stuff seems to work very well. I'm 50 and do push pull workouts with 2 days of workouts and 1 day off. I recover faster already and seems to help me lift heavier weights

Nov 18, 2021 (00:00)

I have used oxan by DP many times, this is one of my favorite anavar to use. I must say this has bean the best so far great pumps & fat loss is short time. Very impressed by the quality, I ran it at 60mgs per day and without side effects. I will order more very soon.

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