Pro-Dynabol 20 mg Pro-Dynabol 20 mg Pro-Dynabol 20 mg

Pro-Dynabol 20 mg

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Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Methandienone
Pack: 50 tabs (20 mg/tab)



Dynabol is short for Dianabol. Metandienone or Methan is also known as Dianabol. Is an anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

Beligas Dianabol 20 pills are a sought-after performance-enhancing drug that many in the bodybuilding work want to use. It's easy to see why.

What is Dynabol?

Imagine how much simpler it would be to unlock your potential and achieve peak physical fitness. Many athletes and bodybuilders strive to improve their performance. But sometimes, however, you may "hit a wall" that stops you from making progress.

Beligas Pro Dynabol is a popular choice for many athletes. There are risks associated with Dianabol pills 20 mg, just like any other drug that you inject into your body. There are many safer alternatives.

Dianabol is used to increase muscle strength and growth. You can see a growth in muscle mass of up to 9 kilograms in just 1.5 months. Positive thinks of this product include that no any side effects. And almost zero muscle loss with Dianabol cycle.

How is Dianabol 20 mg used?

Men over 22 years old are most likely to use legal steroids like Dianabol. It is not recommended to take more than 30 mg of Dianabol per day. There are three parts to the usage. This drug is best taken with a meal.

It is recommended that you start with 10 mg and increase your daily dose to 20-30 mg after three days. You will need to continue aromatase inhibitors for a week, such as Arimidex, at a dose of half a milligram each 3 days.

To get the best results with anabolic steroids, it is recommended that Dianabol 20 be used with other steroids. Daily doses can range from 10 to 50mg.

Dianabol and Testosterone Cycle

This Dbol cycle will build muscles and strength.

Dianabol week 1 to 4 with 30 mg per day and injectable Cypo-Testosterone from week 1 to 10, 2 ml per week.

Arimidex will start from week 13.

Benefits of Dianabol

  • muscle growth
  • fat loss
  • increase strength
  • minimal side effects

Adverse Effects

  • hair loss
  • water retention
  • acne
  • liver damage

To avoid the negative effects of Dianabol. You can clearly follow the prescribed formulation. Do not exceed the specified dosage and take exclusively individually. The course should be built as productively as possible and safely, and with estrogens:

  1. Clomid
  2. Nolvadex


Please follow the instructions to avoid any side effects of Beligas Pharmaceuticals Dynabol. You should not exceed the prescribed dosage. Take only one dose. You should make sure that the course is productive as possible and safely.

After two days, Nolvadex should not be used. The recommended daily dosage is 20 mg. The dose should be reduced to zero during the last week of the cycle. After post cycle you need to check for high blood pressure.

You can also replace Nolvadex at the end of the cycle with testosterone boosters. To restore your natural testosterone level, it takes a month.

To maintain the better effect after the course. You should take a special diet of protein. Designed to gain muscle mass and follow a diet.


James Jay
Dec 22, 2022 (03:47)

I have been bodybuilding most of my life.I used a lot of dbol from different manufacturers, I made a conclusion that I prefer the dbol from dragon pharma kalpa and beligas.

I have accumulated lots of energy, muscle mass and no side effects. Follow your diet and work out longer for great gains. I’m a solid buyer now. Panda my favorite source

Thank you Mr. Panda

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