Sustaplex 350

Sustaplex 350

59.00 USD

Manufacturer: Axiolabs
Substance: Testosterone Mix

  • 140 mg Testosterone Decanoate
  • 84 mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
  • 42 mg Testosterone Propionate
  • 84 mg Testosterone Isocaproate

Pack: 10 ml vial (350 mg/ml)


Sustaplex Testosterone Mix

This is meant to give the user spikes in total testosterone when administered at one amp (250mg) per week. For some, this was effective, for others it gave wild spikes in testosterone and estrogen, causing libido and energy problems, as well as other side effects such as gynecomastia. With short and long acting esters, it can "kick in" faster than most single long acting testosterone preparations and also remain active for as long as 21 days. Since its debut by Axiolabs, similar testosterone mixes have hit the shelves, such as Omnadren – which then went on to copy Sustanon 250's exact mg/mg make up.

Due to the mixture of Sustaplex 350, the user, whether they be an athlete wanting performance enhancement or used for hormone replacement therapy, the ester will do its job and release the parent hormone – testosterone, in a timed released fashion. The primary reason Axiolabs Sustanon 350 was created was for it to be injected less frequently, this worked to a degree but after various testing and feedback by users, it was noted that for optimal results it still needed to be administered at least every 10-12 days. For a bodybuilder or athlete wanting enhanced performance, it needs to be injected more frequently than that again, at around twice per week or every other day. There is a great debate that Sustanon 350 needs to be injected at least every other day due to its short acting esters? But in my experience, twice per week will suffice but if larger doses are used then every other day is better suited.

The parent hormone – testosterone, is often used as a backbone of an anabolic steroid cycle and Sustanon Axiolabs can be treated the same because of its cocktail of esters. Used in the offseason during bulking phases, or cutting stacks, it's just as effective if not more so than other comparable testosterone esters. It is a very versatile compound that can be used alone or stacked with other anabolic steroids for greater benefits. With an anabolic and androgenic rating of 100:100, gains in lean body mass and strength are evident in its use, whilst its side effects are relatively easy to control. Excellent for muscle mass accrual and to preserve muscle tissue when in a calorie deficit, it is effective for beginners and those far more advanced.

Our bodies (I'm talking about males here) are accustomed to testosterone as its one of the primary hormones throughout our bodies. We have also mostly experienced fluctuations in this hormone due to puberty and maturing into an adult. These fluctuations and high levels of testosterone are what give us acne when we are a teenager, as well as mood swings and increased libido. Using a form of exogenous testosterone, such as Sustanon 250, we are merely increasing the body's level of testosterone so its side effects are easier to control than most other anabolic steroids if precautions are taken. In therapeutic doses, we're looking to replace when our bodies cannot, be it through disease, age or former steroid abuse. But during performance enhancement, we're looking to elevate these levels at around 3-4x what we experience naturally. In these doses, we may experience estrogenic side effects (due to the increased level(s) of exposure). These side effects are relatively easy to control when adequate measures are taken and abuse is avoided.

Axiolabs Sustanon is one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the market and due to its popularity; it's also one of the most counterfeited. Often anabolic steroids labelled as Sustanon 250 aren't what the seam. Underground Labs can re-create Sustanon 350 with the Axiolabs and pass it off as 350 Sustaplex, but it is in fact a single esters testosterone preparation. Other UGL's have copied its mixture with cheaper materials, such as one short and one long acting ester. Unfortunately, legitimate Axiolabs Ssustaplex 350 mg is hard to obtain.

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Aug 19, 2022 (04:13)

box was so small it made me nervous but inside were bubble wrapped vials of axio sustanon

Nov 20, 2020 (05:18)

The best thing about Sustaplex 350 is that there is no pip, it works quickly, and the libido was solid throughout the run. Lose fat without really trying to increase muscle mass. At a higher test dose like this, the energy levels are unmatched. I sometimes feel like 18 years old again. Lol. Wife loves it too. I can't thank Axiolabs enough for giving me a try.

Jun 25, 2020 (07:02)

I prefer to stack sustaplex with dianoxyl 10 from kalpa you will get a decent muscle pack!

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