How Much to Use Steroids?

How Much to Use Steroids?

How Much to Use Steroids?

It was not made scientific research to determine an amount of steroids on a specific training program. The information is available regarding the use of steroids in medicine, but they differ in muscle growth, or for training. It is important to mention, if the athlete has arrived to a desired result in muscle growth with a high dose of steroids, it is not proven that this dose is the best. Many large doses produce in many cases the same effect as small ones.

There is a limit to the amount that androgen receptors and cell nuclei can take, if they are overloaded, from that moment on they don't do the job anymore. To create a perfect dose for each individual, there must be a dose at which the desired results are not seen in record time, but by increasing the dose, you can see what quantity is right for you, this also reduces the negative effects. The most important factor in weight gain is the combination of a proper diet and a proper training program.

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Articles Image Recommendations for Intensity, Volume, Frequency and Repetitions.
Recommendations for Intensity, Volume, Frequency and Repetitions.

What is the Ideal Training Volume? The ideal training volume is an often discussed question and a decisive factor in your training. If you asked ten people about this in the gym, you would definitely get ten different answers. And yet fundamentally different approaches all..

Articles Image What is steroids?
What is steroids?

Anabolic steroids are the synthetic version of testosterone, that is, the male hormone. They have effects on the human body, one of them would be the growth and building of muscle.

Articles Image A Technique that Adapts to Your Training.
A Technique that Adapts to Your Training.

Autoregulation means that you listen to your body and include your current daily form in the training practice, instead of stubbornly working through a given plan. Even if you manage to do your squats according to plan on a bad day, even though you almost passed out after the first set, the question arises as to whether it makes sense.

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