4 Rules of Training

1. Find a gym partner.

Find someone energetic and motivated to train with him, even if you have more experience than them. It is easy to underestimate the importance of this aspect of bodybuilding, but training partners play an important role in your progress. You don't always want to go to the gym, or if you're training, you don't always want to pull as hard as you can, to do a few extra sets at the end of training. And then the training partner intervenes, which motivates you and leads you successfully to the end of the training.

2. Never stop training.

Never stop training. Most people have longer breaks. Ideally, you should never tell anyone, "I just got back to the gym, and I take it easy." You don't need returns, and you don’t need to “take it easy”.

I do not mean breaks of one week, maximum two, or if you go on vacation or if you take a break after a period of intense training. Those are ok, from time to time. I mean long breaks, usually due to "lack of time" or lack of motivation. Stay consistent and the results will come.

3. Avoid injuries.

I would like to say that you can never get hurt, but it will be stupid. Dislocated joints, injured ligaments, muscle strains, contusions etc., are all possible when doing sports, and especially one that involves heavy weights, some of which can be prevented. Regardless of the injury, you must continue to train, working around it and listening to your body. If a certain injury does not allow you to do certain exercises, there is always an alternative.

4. Use heavy weights.

No matter what the trends are, you need to keep training with heavy weights. I don't know when bodybuilding has become so complicated, but it is certain that the best ways to progress, since this sport exists, involve loading the bar as much as possible.

Do you want more muscle? Do you want to excel in a certain sport? It all comes down to getting stronger.


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